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Danzy Jones Liqueur Whisky is known for being a mellowed whisky with infused flavors of herbs and rosehips and having a rich, smooth finish. This welsh spirit can cost around £43, which is around $50 in US currency, but the price ranges depending on the seller’s location. It has an ABV of 32% and is produced by Celtic Spirit Co. It is Wales’ only old-style mellow whisky liqueur [1].  It is worth exploring the following: Where did this whiskey come from, and who is Danzy Jones?

Danzy Jones was a traveling stonemason, which was people who cut and prepared stone to build or repair stone structures[2]. He was born in the 1870s in Breconshire, one of the thirteen historical colonies of Wales, and journeyed to and from his home to find work. Jones mellowed his own whiskey with herbs and rosehip syrup and proceeded to carry and consume it during his work travels. His concoction gained popularity, leading him to regularly produce and sell his liqueur at the Fountain Inn in Builth Wells, which is still operational today. He sold his own liqueur at this location all the way up to the 1940’s [1] It is also speculated that liqueurs like Dancy Jones were used for medicinal purposes In the 17th and 18th centuries. Cordials would have been blended with fruit, herbs, spices, and other flavor enhancers and measured out by the spoonful into glasses. Presently, they are enjoyed in local Pubs and homes local to where Danzy Jones can be found.

Today, Danzy Jones is still produced and sold by his descendants under the company known as Celtic Spirit Co. Celtic Spirit is the oldest spirit company in Wales. It has been relocated from its original South Wales spot and is now based on the Isle of Anglesey. They often find themselves in the media being rewarded with honors such as Gold at the True Taste Awards and the Proven Fine Foods Great Taste award [3].  

Run by Danzy Jones’ grandson, Ben Jones, this company keeps growing and growing. In 2004, they saw a leap in sales of 11% and continued to grow by the year [4]. Celtic Spirit Co. started reproducing their grandfather’s recipe and brought back Danzy Jones Liqueur to shelves in the year 2000. It had overtaken their original apple brandy, Black Mountain, and continues to be the star of company sales. As the company grows, the number of its staff also continues to grow; however, the ancestors of Danzy Jones will always be the leader of the company and will have a say in the direction and future production of the company and its assets.

The recipe of Danzy Jones is not that much different from the original recipe. Today, this liqueur is made out of malt whiskey, herbs, and rosehip syrup. This keeps it true to its original flavor and proves that this recipe has stood the test of time. It is clear that Danzy Jones will stay on the shelves for years to come from its mass of positive reviews and the awards secured by Celtic Spirit Company[5].


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